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Where do we go from here? Retrospective, the present and future of researching and teaching language, literature & culture.

In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, the Faculty of Letters of Maranatha Christian University will hold an international conference on Language, Literature, and Culture. MICLLC is based on the deep affinity of all branches of knowledge and provides a site for exploring this affinity. In the dynamic current world, as the boundaries between language, literature, and culture (LLC) become increasingly permeable, scholars recognize the methodological importance of multidisciplinary scholarship to facilitate our historical and critical understanding of LLC. This conference seeks to bring together and encourage a dialogue among scholars, artists, and undergraduate students from various cultural background, academic disciplines, and creative venues in order to examine the nature and future of research in LLC. In regard to the existence of three different languages and culture within the Faculty of Letters (English, Japanese, and Chinese), we encourage scholars of these languages and culture to participate in the conference.


Faculty of Letters
Maranatha Christian University


Pre-Conference Workshop (23 November 2016)
Conference Dates (24-25 November 2016)
Post-Conference Tour (26 November 2016)


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